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Concord's Priorities

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Competitive Pricing

Concord Fabricators understands that your project is cost sensitive. Concord offers competitive pricing to keep your project in budget while providing a high standard of quality and safety. In addition, Concord’s knowledgeable sales staff can review your project for value engineering opportunities in order to save you and your customer money and time.

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Timely Deliveries

You expect your project to be delivered on time and so does Concord Fabricators. Delivery is determined in the early stages of a project. Concord’s detailing department and project management will take a proactive approach from the very start of the project in order to ensure that your desired delivery date is met.

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Skilled Fabrication

All projects have their challenges and your project is no exception. Your project will be facilitated by a knowledgeable sales department, a skilled detailing department, a proactive project manager, skilled shop personnel and a prequalified erector in order to streamline the fabrication process and provide you with quick fit up in the field.


Concord Fabricators Inc.

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